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More people in Spain enjoying a long retirement

Spain’s climate and the healthy Mediterranean diet are just two of the reasons why more people are living to a ripe, old age.

Spain is certainly a country for older people with statistics showing 15,941 people living to celebrate their 100th birthday in Spain, including 508 people who are 100 or more in the Alicante region.



Are you entitled to call the doctor if you fall ill?

Do you know what would happen to you if you fell ill or had an accident in Spain? Are you paying for your health care? Do you know if you are entitled to health care as an expat in Spain?

Do you have health cover if you return to the UK to visit family or if you go on holiday?



BREXIT – What does it mean for the 2 million

Can I carry on living in Spain? Will I still be able to run my business in Spain? Will I still be entitled to free healthcare? What will happen to my pension – will it be frozen?




Did you know curiously enough of the several million eligible expats, only just 200,000 were registered to vote representing a mere one per cent of the total possible voters.



What now after Brexit?

Britain decided to end its long-term relationship with continental Europe on June 23. There were arguments for staying and equally as many for leaving. The Prime Minister Theresa May has already commenced negotiations by visiting several country leaders to discuss EU reform for the next two years.



Has Brexit affected your holiday plans?

Cheap flights between Spain and the UK could be a thing of the past.



Golden Leaves – one call does it all

Golden Leaves can take care of all your needs as an expat with just one call. We appreciate that some things can seem more complicated or cumbersome overseas and so our aim is make the process as easy as possible. Quite simply, we can deal with the paperwork for you.



Did you follow the stars?

Celebrities such as Keira Knightley and Sir Michael Caine have turned their attention to Brussels. More than 250 actors and other artistes, including Helena Bonham Carter and Benedict Cumberbatch, signed a letter pre Brexit urging Britain to remain in the EU.



Golden leaves branches out in Almeria

Golden Leaves expansion has continued with the opening of another new office based in Turre, Almeria to help expats in the local communities obtain the benefits of their new “one call does it all!” full service offering. The new initiative currently provides them such items as market leading general insurances, funeral plans, legal services and wealth management.



Turn your radio on

Radio stations across Spain have been running the new comical Golden Leaves radio campaigns from June 13th, featuring such old classic characters as Batman and Robin, Thunderbirds and Victor Meldrew all now starring in the memorable radio comedy sketches.


GLExPat Services

Golden Leaves provides a hassle-free service for expats

Golden Leaves is keen to prove invaluable to expats by becoming their one and only port of call for a wide variety of services. Golden Leaves International has opened its flagship office in Javea as part of its expansion plans to offer a wide range of services for you. To celebrate its position as the top choice for expat services, Golden Leaves held a special ceremony with Javea mayor Jose Chulvi cutting the ribbon to mark its official opening. At the ceremony, Golden Leaves CEO Steve Rowland and managing director Barry Floyd pointed out the importance of providing a wide range of services to make life easier for expats in Spain.


Passport hussle

Know Before You Go

Do you think your passports safe? Watch this great video from the FCO Know Before You Go campaign and you’ll take more care in the future…Find out more


Winter fule payments

Expats frozen out of winter fuel payments

Despite protests from thousands of expats about the winter fuel allowance – and the fact that it snows here – the UK government is standing firm on its decision to snub its residents who live in Spain.


Speedy health

Getting speedy health treatment in your own language

Do you worry about certain symptoms, lumps or bumps? Do you Google your ailments and uncovered countless horror stories, making you want to see a doctor immediately? Do you live in a foreign country, such as Spain, and so you will also want the comfort of speaking to a doctor in your native tongue?


Over 50 holiday makers

Benidorm train feels the strain this winter

Passengers using the Benidorm to Denia train are certainly feeling the strain as works on the line increase their journey by more than 30 minutes. Much-needed improvement works costing €9.2 million are being carried out to modernise Line 9.


Budget airline offers new routes from Alicante

Ryan Air
Passengers will have a choice of five new routes from Alicante airport with Ryanair flying in to Newcastle, Berlin, Copenhagen, Rome and Hamburg from March to October next year.


Recovering money lost in off-plan property deals

Buying off-plan
It is welcome news from the Supreme Court in Madrid that people who bought from a developer should be compensated. So how did the situation come about? The problem started when many people were attracted to buy off plan during the property boom.



Even though Christmas and New Year are now behind us, with the Three Kings just about to arrive, there are still plenty of good reasons for drinking Cava and this is whyAnna de Codorníu has been selected as the first Golden Leaves Wine Recommendation.


Eat like a Spaniard to stop the brain from shrinking

PaellaTuck into a diet rich in veggies, fruit and olive oil if you want to stop your brain from shrinking as you get older. Strange as it may seem, a study of people with an average age of 80 shows that those who follow the traditional Mediterranean diet have bigger brains. 


Funeral PlansProtect your family – take out a funeral plan

Have you noticed how quickly funerals take place in Spain? One day you hear someone has passed   Read more


Couple on beach

Who will take care of you when you’re older?

Many people dream of retiring abroad, somewhere with a warmer climate than the UK and where your money goes further      Read more

Will writing

Where there’s a will, there’s peace of mind

Making a will is one of those things that we want to put off and gets left on the ‘do it tomorrow’ pile.  Read more


Private health care

Take care of your health in Spain

When you make the exciting decision to move to Spain, there are so many things to put on your To Do list.  Read more

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