Golden Leaves expat services – Your one-stop shop for local news and services

Golden Leaves expat services – Your one-stop shop for local news and services
20 Jul 2015

Now that you are ‘living the dream’ in Spain you will want to make sure that your life runs as smoothly as possible. You’ll want to spend as much time enjoying your new life in the sun but, unfortunately, everyday chores still need to be dealt with. The boring but essential items such as, paying the bills, arranging car insurance, sorting out healthcare, making a will, dealing with tax and legal issues are just the tip of the iceberg?

That’s where Golden Leaves comes in, to provide you with useful information on a range of issues affecting expats and holidaymakers including products and services that will help provide the solutions.

We have many years of experience in dealing with expat issues, so we can offer the best advice for you. We have built up many expert contacts so we know we can provide the best products and services on the market for you. Best of all, you only have to deal with one friendly member of our staff to get all of your essentials arranged. How convenient is that!.

As part of this brand-new initiative we are producing a regular newsletter to provide all of the current information and news that you want and provide you with a range of the products and services to cover all needs.

You can keep on top of all the latest hot topics and issues by subscribing to the Glimpse newsletter by visiting the website and signing up today. This also gives you access to GL’s wide range of products, services and advice.



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