Who will take care of you when you get older?

Who will take care of you when you get older?
22 Jul 2015

Many people dream of retiring abroad, somewhere with a warmer climate than the UK and where your money goes further – somewhere like Spain. Already 106,000 UK pensioners are in Spain, according to a European Commission report, so you will be part of a thriving community. Once you decided to become an expat in Spain, you will need to think about who will take care of you if you become frail or ill – the health system or family.

The public health system in Spain is excellent although, if you do not speak the language, you may want take out private health insurance so you can find an English-speaking doctor. If you are feeling a bit fragile or vulnerable, you may consider moving to sheltered accommodation, a nursing home or employing someone to look after you in your own home.

You will have to pay but it could be more affordable than you think. For more information about private health care in Spain, please email us at info@goldenleavesinternational.com or fill in the contact form so someone can contact you.



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