Protect your family and loved ones, take out a funeral plan

22 Jul 2015

Have you noticed how quickly funerals take place in Spain? One day you hear someone has passed away and the next day the service has been conducted. It comes as a serious shock to us from the UK, where we are used to waiting two or three weeks for a funeral which helps provide the next of kin with the time to find the finance to pay for the funeral and arrange it.

If you are facing a bereavement in Spain, the reality is dramatically different to the process we all are accustomed too. If the deceased has family in the UK, the relatives will need to quickly arrange flights and accommodation.

They are most likely in shock, especially if the death was sudden or unexpected so the last thing they need is to fly out to Spain to arrange the funeral as well. This is even more difficult if the family members don’t speak Spanish, don’t understand the Spanish system and don’t have any contacts or people they can turn to for help.

Worst of all is the financial issue. Spanish funeral directors require full payment BEFORE any funeral service will be conducted. So how can you make sure your family are not put in this extremely difficult position? Although many people find the topic uncomfortable to talk about, pre-planning your funeral will really help those you leave behind. It also means you can decide on the type of service you want, rather than one your family think you would like. If you would like further information about how to pre-plan your funeral to save your family additional grief and financial issues, you can call Golden Leaves FREE on 0800 85 44 48 (UK) 8000 98 309 (SPAIN) or visit



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