More people in Spain enjoying a long retirement

More people in Spain enjoying a long retirement
05 Sep 2016

Spain’s climate and the healthy Mediterranean diet are just two of the reasons why more people are living to a ripe, old age.

Spain is certainly a country for older people with statistics showing 15,941 people living to celebrate their 100th birthday in Spain, including 508 people who are 100 or more in the Alicante region.

These figures produced by the Spanish National Statistics Institute (INE) also show that Spain is home to more than 8.6 million people over 65 years old overall including 16,000 centenarians.

Just recently Javea mayor Jose Chulvi joined in the 100th birthday celebrations of resident Maria Codina Rodriguez and her family.

But it’s not just the Spanish who are living longer as 1,000 centenarians in Spain are foreigners, including 135 British and 88 Germans.

Undoubtedly this is great news for expats who can plan for a long retirement. Needless to say a town with an older population has different needs to ones with young families and babies. Planners will need to address the baby boomers and the ‘grey pound’ when considering the housing needs of the region or the health care it provides.
This is a situation which should be addressed sooner rather than later as an Alicante University report ‘Looking Forward to a Dynamic Old Age’ shows the average age of the population in Alicante will be 50 in less than 25 years. INE’s figures also show that nearly one in five people in Alicante province are aged over 65, namely 358,435 people out of a population of 1,842,963.

So while we should raise a glass of red wine to a long life in Spain, we will need to address some of the issues it will raise such as increased healthcare needs.

You can contact Golden Leaves at our office in the Avenida del Pla 123-125 in Javea, or Avenida De Almeria 39, local 1, Turre, 04638, Almeria. You call us on +34 966 493 082 in Spain or visit the website to ask for more information about health care cover and other issues affecting you as an expat in Spain.



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