Has Brexit affected your holiday plans?

Has Brexit affected your holiday plans?
29 Jul 2016

Cheap flights between Spain and the UK could be a thing of the past.

EasyJet chief executive Carolyn McCall told the BBC’s Today programme that airlines benefit from Europe-wide agreements. She added that there is freedom of movement in flying which allows low fares by being part of Europe.

This freedom of movement means it is easier for companies to offer more flights from many different destinations if the demand is there.

Obviously it is not clear whether Britain, due to Brexit, could stay in the open skies agreement. Also the budget airfare market is very competitive and so airlines may be reluctant to put up their prices.

More than 16 million British tourists visit Spain every year, according to UK Trade and Investment figures, spending about €14 billion. Because it is such a favourite destination, many experts do not think that tourism will be affected by the vote.

But tourists may have to pay more for their holidays.

Virgin boss Sir Richard Branson warned that many routes could be taken away from UK airlines, such as Ryanair or easyJet. He said the only reason they could fly in Europe is because they are part of it and the EU may decide to punish countries which leave.

Ryanair has stated that they will now have fewer flights out of the UK as a result of Brexit. Ryanair chief executive Michael O’Leary admitted that he despised a lot of the regulations which added to consumer costs, but Brexit has now changed his views.

This was a significant U-turn for the Irishman who told the audience at a meeting in the Belgian capital in 2011 to “get out of Brussels”.

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