Golden Leaves provides a hassle-free service for expats

Golden Leaves provides a hassle-free service for expats
10 Feb 2016

Golden Leaves is keen to prove invaluable to expats by becoming their one and only port of call for a wide variety of services.

Golden Leaves International has opened its flagship office in Javea as part of its expansion plans to offer a wide range of services for you. To celebrate its position as the top choice for expat services, Golden Leaves held a special ceremony with Javea mayor Jose Chulvi cutting the ribbon to mark its official opening. At the ceremony, Golden Leaves CEO Steve Rowland and managing director Barry Floyd pointed out the importance of providing a wide range of services to make life easier for expats in Spain.

Barry commented: “We really want to inject ourselves into the life of the expat, to be the company that they turn to no matter what their requirement or need. This is the purpose of our business. One call does it all.”

As part of its service, the company has a team of professionals to offer advice in wealth management, financial services, money transfers, legal issues such as making a will or family law, funeral plans, health care, and insurance to cover travel, pets, property and motors.

They can also help you to cut through the Spanish bureaucracy when dealing with officialdom such as getting a NIE number. Working on the principle that ‘it’s all about you’ the Golden Leaves team is providing valuable support on many vital services, so that you do not waste your time running around trying to find the information you need. One call to us does it all.

You can visit Golden Leaves to find out more about their services by calling into the office at Avenida del Pla 123-125, Javea, calling +34 966 493 082.



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