Getting speedy health treatment in your own language

Getting speedy health treatment in your own language
10 Feb 2016

Do you worry about certain symptoms, lumps or bumps? Do you Google your ailments and uncovered countless horror stories, making you want to see a doctor immediately? Do you live in a foreign country, such as Spain, and so you will also want the comfort of speaking to a doctor in your native tongue?

Even if your Spanish is good, you may feel more comfortable talking about your symptoms and listening to the doctor in English. You should look into taking out private health insurance for peace of mind. Firstly, you will get to see a doctor or specialist immediately, which means treatment can start much sooner. Another plus is that the private sector is keen on preventative medicine so your plan will include an annual Well Woman or Well Man health check each year including a mammogram and smear for women as well as urological tests for men. With this in mind, many people are attracted to private health insurance as they have more choice over their health care and their doctors.

Also you will need to show you have health cover in order to get a NIE number or residency. People who have government health cover, pensioners and workers may want to top up the level of health care so they have speedy treatment and greater choice in some cases. Golden Leaves is an authorised agent for EPSSalus which has more than 50 years’ experience in health care insurance with English-speaking doctors and specialists in the Costa Blanca region. In addition, the health policy offers annual check-ups, dental checks, and immediate access to GPs and specialists from day one.

It does not penalise people for usage by loading the premiums or withdraw coverage and they guarantee cover for life. Finally, it is worth bearing in mind that the private health premiums can be tax deductible. If you are self-employed and registered as autonomo, you can claim up to €500 a year as an expense.

To talk to a health insurance specialist about EPS-Salus’s policies, contact Golden Leaves at our office in the Avenida del Pla 123-125 in Javea, or call us on +34 966 493 082 in Spain.



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