Did you follow the stars?

Did you follow the stars?
30 Jun 2016

Celebrities such as Keira Knightley and Sir Michael Caine have turned their attention to Brussels. More than 250 actors and other artistes, including Helena Bonham Carter and Benedict Cumberbatch, signed a letter pre Brexit urging Britain to remain in the EU.

Actors, writers, musicians and sports stars have entered into the debate with sound arguments as to why the EU is a good or bad thing. We have picked 10 of their reasons for staying or going.

Film actress Keira Knightley’s name was on the open letter supporting EU membership which argued “Britain is not just stronger in the EU, it is more imaginative and creative”.

“Isn’t it better to remain and try to make the damn thing work properly,” argued former Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson.
“It’s a very sad day for British people who voted to leave, I think it will be very damaging for Britain,” said business magnate Sir Richard Branson.

“We now recruit many of our best researchers from continental Europe, including younger ones who have obtained EU grants and have chosen to move with them here,” said scientist Stephen Hawking.

“We have to live together in some shape or form, so let’s make it work better, not run away and hide, put our head in the sand,” said comedian and actor Eddie Izzard.

“It’s time to reclaim our basic sovereignty, the power to decide for ourselves,” said former cricketer and commentator Sir Ian Botham.
“You cannot be dictated to by thousands of faceless civil servants,” said British film legend Sir Michael Caine.

“If we had proper control of who can come in and out of Britain, we could attract the best wherever they come from,” said ex-footballer Sol Campbell.

Actress and author Dame Joan Collins also looked in favour of leaving the EU with her one-word Twitter message – Brexit – followed by three Union Jacks, a thumbs up and a red heart.

The Who frontman Roger Daltrey backed Brexit saying the EU is “undemocratic and highly dysfunctional.”



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