29 Jul 2016

Did you know curiously enough of the several million eligible expats, only just 200,000 were registered to vote representing a mere one per cent of the total possible voters.

A Brexit vote to leave has caused a large impact on the financial markets, and has already had a clear impact on the exchange rate, with the Pound falling by nine per cent since its peak in November 2015.

The IMF warned that house prices would fall by as much as 11.8 per cent over the last quarter, clearly visible in London´s most expensive neighbourhoods, one tends to wonder what other impact Brexit will have.

Depending on which newspaper one reads, there could be anything between 300,000 and 700,000 British expats residing in Spain. Nonetheless, the consequences of Brexit are not at all clear and nearly all sources of information tend to contradict each other with totally different opinions, ranging from ‘acquired rights’ to ‘reapplication of Residence Permits and Social Security benefits’. Currently, thanks to EU law, these rights include access to pensions, health care, public service, as well as the rights to live and work in Spain and other EU countries. Nonetheless, article 50 of the treaty on the EU, ensures that the withdrawal from the EU is definite.

The multiple advantages of personal private health Insurance therefore become all the more apparent, and would be a sensible alternative to any possible future insecurity.
Immediate access to General Practitioners and specialists who speak your own language, avoiding long waiting lists for necessary diagnostic methods in case of sudden illness, and annual checkups as part of a preventive medicine programme, are but a few of the many benefits of private health insurance. Most plans have no self risk payment, and cover unlimited consultations and hospitalization expenses. Travel insurance is also included, up to 90 days worldwide.

Planning for your future is therefore a healthy option!



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